Jane´s daycare 9220

Free place sep 18´

 I offer stabile, nurturing and loving daycare for your child weekdays from 7-16.30 (friday´s to 15.00). Different needs can be arranged.

I´m approved by the authorities after the daycare-laws § 78-79, and I´m allowed to have 5 children at a time. Private daycares are under supervision from the government, who make both announced and unannounced visits.

For me it is important that the children have a secure everyday life, with lots of hugs and care. I think it is important that every child is seen and heard, and gets plenty of praise and recognition.

Private daycare 

In using private daycare, the parents get a grant from the Danish government, pr. 2020 it is 5811 kr. pr. month. It is paid to the parents, who will then pay the full price for the daycare. I charge 8000 kr. pr. month, for a full time place. This means that when the grant is deducted, the cost of the daycare is only 2189 kr. pr. month. Incl. diapers, food and fruit.

When choosing a private daycare a contract is signed along with an application for the grant. I will provide both papers. Remember that maternity-leave have to have ended, in order to be applicable for the grant.

If this daycare offer is something for You, I can be contacted by phone on 26849815/30269815 or by email at janehundrup@stofanet.dk for further information or visit.

You can also find me on facebook, both as a closed group for parents and as a public page: Janes Hundrup, privat pasningsordning 9220